We are committed to protecting and improving the value of the subject property and/or business, at the lowest possible cost, while disputes are resolved and justice is served.

Once we are appointed to the case, we take control of the operation and analyze how it is being run and conduct a complete inventory of the assets. Our goal is to preserve and enhance the value of the business. Regardless of the status of the case, as appointed receivers, we will give our client peace of mind and guarantee that the subject business will be professionally managed and preserved. Our services are delivered by a team comprised of professional property managers, operation managers, accountants, property administrators, leasing agents and operating engineers.

Our receivership services include:

  • Bank receiverships
  • Court receiverships
  • Strategic Plan Implementation and Management
  • Market and Product Repositioning Analysis
  • Development/Disposition Analysis
  • Construction Cost Estimates and Budgets
  • Operations Review and Analysis
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Property and Business Management
  • Debt/Equity Restructuring
  • Optimal Exit Strategy Determination
  • Third party independent control as a fiduciary of the court
  • Possession and preservation of the asset.
  • Supervision and direction of daily “on-going” of the property
  • Full review of contractual services
  • Full accounting of all income and expenses
  • Authorization, control and payment of payables, with restructure of payable stream if necessary
  • Understanding of institutional requirements, policies and goals
  • Specific recommendations for extraordinary maintenance requirements
  • Reports tailored to the needs of the court and secured creditors
  • Full cooperation after the receivership period to continue stabilization of property operations

Our primary receivership goal at Petroleum and C-store Management Group is to secure the physical asset, accounts, and records to protect the integrity of the asset and income stream. Our secondary objective is to establish management and procedures that protect and preserve our clients’ assets.

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